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“Plastic injection is part of the industries revolution”

Why choose a Plastic Injection Molding project?


The technologies utilized in this process guarantees that our clients receive what they need. From the development of a concept to the commercialization.

Thus increasing sales by creating unique products, lowering costs by utilizing technology that reduces materials, building loyalty between our customers and their clients; and executing excellent products worldwide.


Plastic injection has become one of the main resources in the manufacturing industry. As suppliers, we guarantee more than the necessary infrastructure, since we accompany the integral work of the process with the highest standards of attention and service:



The consolidated team we have of designers, engineers and material specialists; allows us to produce and deliver innovation in every aspect. Our team makes sure that all your needs are met.






In Plastiexports we assure that, we have both: technology and resources to execute the products in excellent form. We have up-to-date techniques for quality control to protect your investment from beginning to end.



No matter which part of the world you are located in, we make sure that our logistics team deliver your assets as quickly and safely as possible. By utilizing the worldwide network, we have.


Plastiexports has more than 20 years serving the export market. Therefore, we have assured the inclusion of state-of-the-art technology in each of our processes.

Avant Grade

+160 injection machines from 150 to 2400 tons of capacity.

+24 injection machines from 35 to 750 tons of capacity

3D printing for prototypes and the design of mold and first pieces.

Advanced metrology systems.
Implementation of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in processes of injection.
Real-time monitoring of each of the plastic parts we manufacture.
Precision, speed and price guarantee.

If your company requires this or another plastic injection service, contact our experts.


Molds created simultaneously with two different types of resin, utilizing a complex and highly specialized technological system. This provides important advantages: reduced costs, uniform and multi-material process, low waste rate, fast work for complicated molding, amongst others.

This process involves the supply of pressurized nitrogen gas into the mold, which is delivered through channels in order to displace the plastic, generating thicker edges as well as hollow sections.

This is the procedure by which plastic is embedded in a pre-existing piece, which can be metal, ceramic or plastic.

It improves the resistance of the products, while saving assembly resources. This process is ideal for assembly replacement, welding or the use of adhesives. Mostly utilized in the medical, electronic and mechanical industries.

This process enhances the pieces through an aesthetic impression on the same plastic. It utilizes a film on the injection mold, so that when the resin is supplied, the costumer obtains a customized design.

In mold decoration allows the costumer to receive pieces that need certain messages or colors for their identification.

A method used to install metal parts in thermoplastic moldings. The two parts come together as the plastic seals around the contact area.

Plastiexports counts with the equipment to deliver pieces with the legends, marks, guides, labels and all type of printed aggregate.

There are two complex welding methods: the first uses acoustic vibrations to create solid-state joints without the need for additional resources (bolts, screws, nails). While the latter can join large or difficult-to-join parts.

Ideal for printing on complicated surfaces. Silk-screen printing provides versatility, low cost and fast deliveries by speeding up the work on the details of each piece.